One-step solution for sealing implant restorations

Sil-Flow is an innovative medical device that achieves a 100% hermetic seal of the implant systems. It prevents bacterial growth inside dental implants, which is a major cause of peri-implantitis.

A medical device made for 2-piece implant sealing

Replaces cotton, wax, gutta-percha and teflon tape. Prevents screw-losening.

Homogeneous formula for perfect sealing

No cracks, No foul odour, No falling out. Protects the screw channel as long as needed.

Easy material application and removal

Easy application and removal Light-curing. Always a perfect seal. Removed as one piece, no leftovers to clean.

Simple, Easy and Clever

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The oral environment is ideal for bacteria and fungi. Without a proper seal, the abutment screw hole becomes contaminated, causing peri-implantitis, which can lead to implant loss. DSI Sil-Flow has been created with the needs of dental professionals in mind for a maximum chair utilisation rate. It allows easy placement with a one-step application. 

The light-cured material flows smoothly, making application quick, simple and comfortable. No additional materials are needed. The removal is easy and fast, with only a basic hand instrument necessary.

Thanks to the elastic and flexible silicone matrix formula, DSI Sil-Flow slightly expands after curing and maintains its elasticity for a prolonged period. A tight marginal seal is guaranteed: No cracks, no falling out, no intraoral contamination, bacteria or bad odour. A reliable, cost-effective solution for abutment sealing and peri-implantitis prevention.

How to Use Sil-Flow

Platform preparation:

Clean the implant connection and remove the biofilm. Clean, brush and immerse the abutment in a disinfectant solution or autoclave.

Sil-flow Application:

Fit the prosthesis and torque the fixation screw. Apply the Sil-flow into the access channel. It flows smoothly and quickly. Gently condense it with the plugger.

Light Cure & Check:

Cure it using a UV/LED Lamp for 15-20 seconds. The material will expand, achieving a hermetic seal.

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What sealers you’ve been using until today?

None of these solutions are intended or certified as abutment sealing material.


promotes bacterial growth


unstable material, might dissolve

Gutta Percha

may crack, not intended for this use

Teflon, aka “plumber tape”

non-medical material, with poor sealing performance that decreases over time

Sil-flow Advantages

The advantages of using the Sil-Flow technique include tight obturating the screw access channel to prevent food and debris impaction while protecting the screw head. In addition, no intermediate layer is required, greatly simplifying removal. The cured material shade is semi-transparent white, which blends with the natural tooth colour. Only in case of permanent sealing or occlusal surfaces, a thin layer of flow composite might be required.

DSI Sil-Flow formula combines excellent marginal seal, ease of use and price-effectiveness.

The medical device is approved by the Ministries of Health of Israel (AMAR) and the United States ( FDA-cleared ).

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Sil-Flow is an innovative medical device that achieves a 100% hermetic seal of the implant systems. It prevents bacterial growth inside dental implants, which is a major cause of peri-implantitis.