How to Use Sil-flow

Sil-flow is the easiest way to keep your implant-abutment
system clean and safe from anaerobic bacteria.

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Use Sil-Flow in 3 Simple Steps

Platform preparation:

Clean the implant connection and remove the biofilm. Clean, brush and immerse the abutment in a disinfectant solution or autoclave.

Sil-flow Application:

Fit the prosthesis and torque the fixation screw. Apply the Sil-flow into the access channel. It flows smoothly and quickly. Gently condense it with the plugger.

Light Cure & Check:

Cure it using a UV/LED Lamp for 15-20 seconds. The material will expand, achieving a hermetic seal.

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Sil-Flow is an innovative medical device that achieves a 100% hermetic seal of the implant systems. It prevents bacterial growth inside dental implants, which is a major cause of peri-implantitis.

What doctors are telling about the Sil-Flo?

"Hands down the best material for screw-retained restorations. Completely changed the work arrangements and saves me significant time by removing Teflon and liquid composites from my daily routine. The best part is when pulling it out like a cork with a dedicated probe in fractions of a second..."

This unique, innovative material was created with one primary objective - sealing the screw channel of abutments. It creates a hermetic seal without using additional layers or ineffective methods.

Easy to handle, insert and remove

Just pull it out like a cork in fractions of a second


Light-cures in seconds, no intermediate layer needed,


Excellent sealing ability helps prevent peri-implantitis

Fights major peri-implantitis cause

Sil-Flow is an innovative medical device that achieves 100% hermetic seal inside the implant system. It prevents bacterial growth inside dental implants, which is considered a major cause of peri-implantitis.

How it works?

The oral environment is ideal for bacteria and fungi. Without a proper seal, the abutment screw hole becomes contaminated. causing peri-implantitis, which can lead to implant loss.

It aims at the prevention of one of the main problems related to dental implants: bacterial proliferation inside the implants, which is widely recognized as one of the most insidious causes of peri-implantitis. With Sil-flow, you get a hermetic seal in one step, without using additional cumbersome and ineffective methods. DSI Sil-Flow has great flowability and can be easily applied to any shape and size of screw-retained and temporary abutment channel.

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Read various articles, papers, and dissertations on peri-implant diseases and the efficacy of different sealing solutions.

Sil-Flow is an FDA-approved medical device

Created for elevating the protocols and achieving a perfect seal of the screw channel. It reduces the percentage of anaerobic bacteria inside the implant tunnel by protecting the screw entrance.

The reduction of bacteria contamination inside the implant preserves surrounding soft tissue from inflammatory processes and helps reduce the risk of the insurgence of peri-implantitis.