Implant Health: Per-implant mucositis – a new “normal”?

A recent systematic review covering a 20-year observation period found that 23% of dental implants are affected by peri-implantitis, in 43% the peri-implant mucositis was spotted.Up to 80% of implants present mucositis symptoms confined to the soft tissue around the implant. It is characterized by redness, swelling and bleeding on probing. The mucositis around implants, […]

Implant Mechanics: Microgaps – myth and reality

Various studies have indicated that the connection between the implant and abutment of a two-piece dental implant is more complex than it may seem. At the implant-abutment junction, there is always some kind of micro-gap. This gap is subject to change in width when mechanical loads, like chewing, are applied. When the implant and abutment […]

Implant Economics: Hidden costs of peri-implantitis

Recently published doctoral research, by Dr. Karolina Karlsson, in association with the Swedish Social Insurance Agency  and reported on Dental Tribune International, evaluated the occurrence, consequences, and possible clustering of implant-related complications. The study analyzed 2765 patient records and found that out of 596 subjects, 42% experienced technical and/or biological complications over a 9-year period. […]